PAK128.german Version 2.1

Known bugs and missing features:

PAK128.german Version 2.0

PAK128.german Version 1.3

PAK128.german Version 1.2

PAK128.german Version 1.1

PAK128.german Version 1.0

Instead of a detailed change list, we limit ourselves this time to the reference to the most important changes.

  1. The prices and costs of the vehicles have completely been revised. An important role plays now the year of introduction of the objects. "Pioneers" in terms of power and speed produce now higher running costs than laggards with similar values.
  2. The list of goods has been extended to include packaging materials and has an impact on some equipment/machine factories, slaughterhouses and cement works.
  3. The factory chains have been reworked and strongly changed.
  4. Many vehicles have been added, some have been removed. They have been exchanged via the replacement file, but have different values for payload, strength and speed.