Good to know

Version 1.0 Requires Simutrans >= 120.x

Version 1.1 Requires Simutrans = 120.4.1

Really! Version 1.1 only works with 120.4.1 Loading in version 120.3 results in an error message! If you want to play this Pak with 120.3, you have to swap all roadsign. *. Pak files against those of version 1.0.

Version 1.2 need Simutrans >= 121.0

Version 1.3 need Simutrans >= 121.0

Version 2.0 beta Currently need a Nightly from Simutrans greater then R9139.


PAK128.german is a Grafic set for the Transportsimulation Simutrans. It offers the player the opportunity to build a transport system whose presentation is based on typical German cities and industries. The timeline also known as chronology takes the historical background into account. In terms of vehicles and that of the industrial chains, without claiming complete realism.

The Trains and vehicles are thereby a bit bigger than they from the Standard-Pak 128.Most buildings, regardless of city or industry have consistently four views.Every Building- and Factory type has furthermore based on the region in which it is, a different Graphics, and in the latter different operation numbers of production.

To enjoy the divercity pf the Set, we suggest to take a look in the Gametips.