Good to know

Version 0.xx --> Don´t play versions before 1.0. They are incomplete and buggy.

Version 1.0 Requires Simutrans >= 120.x

Version 1.1 Requires Simutrans = 120.4.1< -->Really! Version 1.1 only works with 120.4.1

Version 1.2 need Simutrans >= 121.0 --> version 1.0 until 1.2 are outdated, please use better version 1.3

Version 1.3 need Simutrans >= 121.0

Version 2.0 need Simutrans >= 122.0

Version 2.1 need Simutrans >= 123.0 --> running also with 122.0 but then some little things not working.


PAK128.german is a graphics set for the Simutrans transport simulation. It offers the player the opportunity to set up a transport system. The representation is based on typical German cities and industries. The timeline, also known as chronology, can be played from 1800 and is based on the real history of Germany, for the vehicles, buildings, routes, landscape elements and industrial chains. The historical background can be experienced without claiming to be completely realistic. The two world wars and other wars during this period are not displayed, even if they had a massive impact on the economy and transport. The war economy, troop transports and the destruction, as well as the division of Germany by the iron curtain, simply cannot be represented. Vehicles of the FRG and the GDR exist here peacefully side by side and can be used in a colorful mix. That was possible in real life only after 1989 onward. However, the wars makes interrupts in vehicle development and in the peacetime between them, there seem to be fast spurts of progress.

Information about the graphics:

The Trains and vehicles are thereby a bit bigger than they from the Standard-Pak 128.Most buildings, regardless of city or industry have consistently four views.Every Building- and Factory type has furthermore based on the region in which it is, a different Graphics, and in the latter different operation numbers of production.

Entry aid for beginners:
In order to avoid the problems and pitfalls of map generation, I recommend: Do not start a "New Game", but start with "Load Scenario" and load the map of "Deutschland_1800". The card is big, but has the great advantage that the money printing machine is already running.

"Getting the money printing machine up and running" is what we call the typical, not easy to master Simutrans initial hurdle. None of us Pak designers have come up with a solution to the problem. At the beginning of a new card, Simutrans is very difficult for beginners. It is hard to avoid going bankrupt the first time. But as soon as the first lines are established and run profitably, Simutrans will be very easy. On a well-running and well-rehearsed card, the player drowns in the money. From then on it is no longer possible for the player to spend his money. Somewhat experienced players then often complain in the forum that the game is way too easy. But we Pak designers can't make the game more difficult, because otherwise beginners won't have a chance and, after a little frustration, turn to other games.
So the first hurdle is to get the money printing machine running. This hurdle has already been overcome in the "Map of Germany 1800" mission, the money printing machine is already running. Not perfect yet, but money shouldn't be a problem anymore. The first thing a beginner should do is run the map and explore the lines. For example, the supply of coal to the slaughterhouse in Munich is still insufficient. Also inconspicuous, but not to be underestimated, is the transport of people and mail by ship from Passau via the Danube, Ludwig Canal and Main to Wiesbaden and Mainz. Here one could build further connections to Koblenz, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Duisburg. As well as organizing transport to the port within the cities. The way things are already going in Mainz and Passau. Ingolstadt and Munich would also like to be connected to the transport network.
Starting around 1800 is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It's still very leisurely. The transport options are manageable. The first revolution in transport was imminent in 1835 with the invention and introduction of the railroad. Making money later won't be the problem anymore. The industrial revolution, the growth of cities, the increasing division of labor and the resulting increase in transport volumes are placing ever greater demands on transport companies and their networks. The inhabitants of the cities are becoming more and more eager to travel. More modern and more powerful vehicles are coming and they are urgently needed to cope with the increasing demands. There will be traffic jams. New roads and routes are necessary. Better transport hubs and control of vehicle flows required. The problems will pile up, including in the stations and streets. After a while, the transport network on your own map will be just as confused, strange, illogical and grown. Just like the transport network in Germany in reality. In any case, the Simutrans game has given me great respect for the planners of the German transport network. In reality, a diversion or relief route is not built as quickly as it is here in Simutrans.

Tips and Tricks:

To enjoy the diversity of the Set, we suggest to take a look in the Gametips.