Starting a new map
If you start your game with a new card, you should consider all climate zones, because many factories and some industrial chains are bound to certain landscapes. In addition, this is the only way to see the city buildings and sights adapted to the landscape.
The desired map must support the required heights which depends more or less on the selected map, map-size and sea level. But you can lend with the landscape settings (see below).
Regions instead Climate Zones
The Climate Zones in PAK128.german go align with the German Landscapes and Regions from the coast to the high mountains.
The following comparison provides information about the climate zone scheme of the Pakset.:
English labelPAK128.german
desert climateCoast
tropical climateNorth-german plain
Mediterranean climateEast Germany
temperate climateCentral-german Uplands
tundraAlpine Foothills
rockyAlpine Climate
Not shown:
arctic climate - Glacial zone
Proper Landscapessettings:

We advise two height-level per climate zone (for the coast is one enough) so that homogeneous cities with appropriate buildings and factories can arise. The Alpine foothills and - zones should include three levels.The value mountainousness should be low (best 0, max. 2). Otherwise, Simutrans might not find a place for the partly very extensive factories and sights. From Simutrans 120.x on flatter maps can also be used if the areas are assigned to other climate zones (regions). This is made possible by the terrain building tool.

Recommend Settings for Landscapes generation

Karte 33, 896x896 Kacheln; simutrans 120.2.x, PAK128.german 0.10.x. The results also depend on the selected card and the size of the card.

Import older saves

The set has changed a lot. In our experience, old scores are still usable and crashes seem to be rare exceptions. On the safe side is who keeps the old package version (renaming a folder before installing 1.0 is enough).

But even if your game has started without complaint, Simutrans may report missing objects. Even more dangerous if you don't get any feedback and think everything is okay because probably one or the other factory requires a raw material or the newly introduced packaging material without the production stops, which you may not notice until several months later.
If several objects are missing, all you can do is find them based on the one you have last saved the map with and replace them with the new versions.